Prof. Dr. Helmut Kramer


Background for political and business strategies: perspectives, options, potentials, solutions.  

The environment for business and politics has become very complex

Formerly well-tried answers to the challenges of today or tomorrow are no longer sufficient. Typically they have been one-dimensional and have ignored global and societal processes. Mere economics fall short of offering stable solutions very often. The standard prescriptions of economic policy making in recent decades are no more effective in many cases. In the 21 st century historic changes are under way: intensive division of labour globally, integration of Eastern Europe, ageing and consequences for the generational balance, climate policy, revolutionary technologies and ways of organising, not least in the health and education systems.

Very often those fundamental changes are realized as threats. But to grapple with them may offer insight into their nature and their potential to be used politically or economically. It’s better to do the right things, than to do things right.

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